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April 2012-XBMC, Linux Distribution Media Center


Jan Fagerholm demonstrated XBMC, a Linux distribution media center based on Ubuntu. In the past decade, the price for the equipment to set up a home multi-media center has dropped by about 90% and it has gotten much simpler also, thanks in part to improved wireless technology. Digital displays can scan at a true 60 frames per second, rather than the 30 frames per second of interlaced CRT's. The group enjoyed a fine evening of music and film demonstrating the audio and video qualities and organization capabilities of XBMC.

One can download the XBMC software. It's Linux. It's free. It's strongly suggested that you store your multi-media on a dedicated box. Search for "media center PC" to identify shopping options and select among the many vendors.


To solve problems with ads taking up time and space on AT&T by Yahoo Web mail add the Adblock extension to Firefox. There is an Internet Explorer version.

What's the best resolution for HDMI connection between a computer and TV? Use the default.

Why can't I copy graphics from some e-mails in forwarding? Copying capability depends on the graphic. Some images are graphics within the document and some are a link to a Web site. You can always download an image and save to the desktop.

How important is a recovery disk? It matters only if you want to see Windows again after a crash. Some computers have a built-in option to create a recovery disk. Don Odle reported that Easeus creates a recovery software option, at www.easeus.com. It is offered at our favorite price: free.

Has anyone had trouble using Quicken to download Wells Fargo banking information? Web sites don't like older versions of Quicken. It may be that Cookies are not being saved so that access information must be re-entered each time.

Someone sent me a .mov file: How do I view it? Download Quicktime from the Apple Web site. Uncheck the iTunes download that's included with the download. (Or install Linux, which will play all formats.)


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