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Presenter Information

We welcome your presentation at our main meetings and SIG meetings.

Presenters from out of the area are sometimes available for our meetings while visiting nearby hardware and software mobile product companies.  When it is not possible to schedule presenters at our regular meetings, we are willing to demonstrate products you donate. You may can also present to our main group, PC Community. For more information about our main group, go to the PCC Main Page.

Meeting Day and Location:

Third Monday, 7:30pm at Denny's restaurant in San Leandro.

Please note that during the Pandemic our meetings are on Zoom.  We are tentatively planning to return to meeting in-person at Denny's restaurant in January or February 2022.  You can download Zoom at www.zoom.com or download the Zoom App on your smartphone.

Advantages of Giving a Presentation:

  • Members who will become customers and refer others to your company.
  • Opportunity to receive knowledgeable suggestions to improving your products or services.
  • Networking with other developers, programmers, as well as users.
  • Personal recognition.
  • Increased awareness of your company.
  • Involvement with the largest and most active Personal Computing User Group of its kind in the Bay Area at PC Community.

More than Regular Members Attend:

If your products or services also support iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8/ 7 / Vista / XP, Mac, Linux, or other platforms, we invite our other Special Interest Groups SIGs to attend as appropriate. Technology convergence sometimes makes it appropriate to invite our entire parent organization known as PC Community.

Meetings are equipped with:

  • Cable internet connection
  • WiFi 802.11 B, G, & N connections
  • Other ammenities available such as a Projector and webcam if you wish to present at a PCC Main meeting.  At our main meetings, Presenters can connect either in person or remotely via Zoom.

Prize Drawings:

Announcing your donation of products and/or services for our prize drawingswill:

  • stimulate more interest.
  • draw a larger attendance.
  • be greatly appreciated.
  • be permanently posted on our web site with links to your business.
  • Sales specials, discounts, and other promotions are also appreciated.

Discounts for all those who attend the demonstration are offered by some vendors. At the meeting they distribute a code for ordering over the internet. Sometimes they will sell products at the meeting and/or take orders at a discount price.

Reviews are another way to promote your products or services. We have a special relationship with O'Reilly books. A member can purchase a copy. After they submit a review, they receive a refund for the purchase price. Perhaps, a similar system could work for your products or services.  We are trying to be creative and productive for both your company and our group. Surely, we can do more to promote all your products. Think about it, then contact us.

More Information is available on our group's web site. Be sure to browse through our pages for upcoming meeting agenda and special announcements.

Presenters - Suggestions & Guidelines

Suggested information for your presentation:

  • Topics of interest can cover a wide range of Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smart Phones, mobile, and wireless ideas.
  • Present information regarding products or services not yet available. Our members are enthusiastic about future, cutting edge technologies.
  • Discuss an interesting aspect in some Pocket PC, mobile computing, or Wireless related area.
  • Provide information not generally known.
  • Most presentations are moderately technical, normally at the system or application level. However, some presentations have focused on business, marketing, strategies, practical applications of technologies and devices, time/project management, accessories, convergence with other technologies and even lifestyle coaching and consulting by using a Pocket PC OS device or related desktop application.
  • It is fine to include general information about your company, its market, philosophy, future objectives of the product/application development, approaches considered, challenges, anecdotes, lessons learned, proprietary issues, convergence with other technologies.

Usual Meeting Agenda:

  • sign-in sheet
  • restroom locations 
  • setup of projector, AC outlets, Ethernet, and/or WiFi connections
  • invitation to join the PC Community
  • WiFi connection to the internet for all members (with WiFi 80211.b, and 80211.g, and 80211.n enabled devices)
  • Introduction of new members
  • Mobile and wireless news and announcements
  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Troubleshooting Session

General Guidelines:

An announcement with a brief description of your presentation will be posted. As soon as possible, email what you would like us to post, with URLs. Otherwise, our leaders will create an announcement to the best of their ability. This way, members have time to review it, anticipate your presentation, come to the meeting with informed questions and invite new people with interest in your presentation.

Time for each presentation is negotiable with our leaders.

Notes of your presentation are appreciated.  We will post them with the other information regarding your presentation as a future reference and a community resource.  We prefer an electronic copy of presentation material in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Adobe Acrobat format.  People also appreciate handouts.  If making copies of the presentation is a burden, a copy machine is available upon advance request.  We most appreciate beaming your address and notes directly into our devices.

Contact For More Information:

For More Information: Contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell # 510-757-7114 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., cell # 510-589-9677.


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